Janmashtami Message

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Janmashtami Message

Janmashtami Message

Janmashtami Message

Wishing that the makanchor fills your life with all the colors of happiness.
Subh Janmashtami!

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki. Jai Ho Murlidhar Gopal Ki. May this Janmashtami bring all the good luck and immense happiness to you and your family.

Happy Krishna Janmashtami to you and your family. I wish and Lala takes away all your miseries and sorrows in the form of Makhan(butter). May his blessings be with you and your family.

Celebrate the birth of the ALMIGHTY! Spread the bliss of Janmashtami! Wishing you and your family a very happy and blessed Janmashtami.

On this Janmashtami, may Bal Gopal free you from all your worries? Don’t forget to reach out to HIM for ultimate peace and happiness. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare! Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare.

On the auspicious birthday of Lord Krishna,
May the blessings of the Almighty bring joy, prosperity and happiness in your life.

May Lord Krishna’s grace always be with you.
And may you get all that you ask for.
Happy Janmashtami

May lord Krishna showers all his blessing on U.
May U get a lot of Happines in life..
Happy Janmashtami.

May the lord drizzle his entire benediction over you and family.
Have a happy and blessed Janmashtami!

Let’s celebrate Bhagwaan Krishna’s Birth.
Sending you my heartfelt good wishes on this auspicious day of Janmashtami

May the Lord arrive at your house and take away all the pain and sorrow.

Wishing you and family a very Happy

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